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A Love Letter to Mom

A Love Letter to MomAnd a Lesson for the Rest of Us Confined in the house during the rona crisis, I’ve been trying to think of a gift for my Mom.I recently discovered this picture of myself with my Mom. It’s one of those classic fading yet clear photos.Do you see our smiles? I don’t […]

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Do you Have a Bathroom Issue?

The picture above was taken at an outdoor concert and it got me thinking about bathrooms so much I had to write about it. It got me thinking about issues people go through – just to use a bathroom. It could be because of body shaming, bullying, social norms or just having to wait to […]

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How to Create a Budget for an Event

Don’t you hate that feeling when your boss asks you to do something and you’re not really sure HOW to do it? You scramble to figure it out quickly and then do your best to pull it off because that’s what amazing administrative professionals do!  So if you are in a meeting with your boss and […]

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