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How to Hire an Event Planner

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Need staff for events? Need to hire an event planner or meeting planner? If so, you will need to understand the key questions and topics to discuss with the prospect event staff you want to hire. Today we share top tips by professional planners to successfully hire an event planner for your events.

Alena Powell with Stress Free Party Planning shares the following advice to consider when seeking to hire an event planner: 

Do you have a lot of experience with ______? [fill-in-the-blank with the type of event]
This is a great question to start the conversation. Have the planner explain and give examples. An experienced planner will get straight to the point and we will not want to waste your time. Planners learn to be efficient. So, start off with this question and you will learn pretty quickly if this will be a productive conversation.

Ask if the planner is available on the dates of the event.
It is best to ask this question towards the start of your conversation. There is nothing worse than going through the entire interview, then suddenly remembering you didn't mention the dates to see if the planner is even available.

What is your work style?
It's not just important to know if the planner can do the job. It is vital that you get a glimpse of how they work. What makes them comfortable when it comes to meeting deadlines. You should ask yourself, can I work well with this person? Do they align with my work style? Because bottom line – you prefer to work with someone who can work within your workplace culture and dynamics before hiring them to manage your event.

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