A Love Letter to Mom

And a Lesson for the Rest of Us

Confined in the house during the rona crisis, I’ve been trying to think of a gift for my Mom.

I recently discovered this picture of myself with my Mom. It’s one of those classic fading yet clear photos.

Do you see our smiles? I don’t remember taking the picture, but I have a feeling instantly of why my mommy has such a big smile on hers. You see I sometimes tell people I am the seventh child first born and I’ll often get quizzical looks. You see Mom wanted to be a mother. Really badly. She would tell me tales of how she would practice on her nieces and nephews.

In her journey to become a mom, she went through six miscarriages before me. Think about the resolve of a person who goes through something traumatic, picks themselves up, tries again and suffers another setback and then another setback and then another and another and another. This was over a 10 year period! We often see the end result, but don’t see how a person gets there.

“If you're going through hell, keep going.”

Winston Churchill

Do you think you’re that kind of person? The kind to say it’s gonna happen if it’s the last thing I do? Whatever sacrifice you have to go through — would you do it? She was bed ridden for 8 months to bring me here. And then does it again 2.5 years later to bring my sister here. I sometimes sit in awe when I think about the heaviness of this fact.

I feel extremely blessed to know that the moment I entered this world I was wanted, loved and meant to be here. Her gift to me is that she has shown me what determination can do! It is possible to achieve your dreams if you put the work in!

“One day at a time but always forward.”

- Mom's School Motto -

This Mother’s Day gift is to thank her and give someone else inspiration to not give up on their dreams and goals. Sometimes you may have to walk through fire to get what you want. Look at that picture again. See the smile on her face? I pray you get to a point where you get that same smile after you get something you’ve always wanted to have. ❤️

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